Personal Tax Accountants

Your personal finances are very important, so when it comes to trusting someone to look after your tax return, it’s a big decision. At NK Business Solutions Brisbane you can trust us to manage your tax return smoothly, efficiently, and easily. We are proud of the service that we provide to our personal taxation customers and offer a high level of attention to detail combined with our friendly and professional service.

Instead of struggling with your financial records come tax time, get in touch with us at NK Business Solutions Brisbane and get our professional team on the job. We can take care of any financial situation – no matter how complex – and would love to work with you this financial year.

Your Trusted Accountants Brisbane

We are experienced financial professionals and have completed countless tax returns for our clients. We are thorough, precise, and ensure that you comply with the relevant requirements to meet the financial responsibilities you have. You may have an investment property which you need to claim depreciation on, or you might have started a small business on the side which you need to get advice on. No matter how complex or simple your financial needs are, we’ll get you the best result.

We can work with you if you have a business interest on the side and need help with structuring it or managing your business alongside your personal financial information. Our experienced accountants are savvy in the ways of tax and understand the most valuable ways in which you can get deductions and other benefits.

We are committed to getting you through tax time smoothly and ensuring that your entire experience with us is stress-free and enjoyable. We want to partner with you to be your trusted tax accountant year after year and offer you our expert guidance for your financial obligations.

Take the Stress Out of Tax Time

We have the experience and skill to make every tax return a breeze. Make time to book an appointment with our dedicated personal taxation team today and discover the difference that having a professional on-site can make. We can discuss your income tax, your deductions and how to lodge, and we can also talk to you about any potential rebates that you may be eligible for as well.

We specialise in a range of services for individuals and families and can work with you to get the best outcome for your financial needs.

  • Advice on capital gains tax (CGT)
  • Tax returns for you and your family
  • Business activity statement (BAS) for individuals
  • Investor tax returns

Make your appointment today with our tax accountants and get a head start on this end of financial year.

What to Bring to Your Tax Appointment

When you are preparing for your tax appointment with our tax specialists at NK Accountants Brisbane, there are a couple of documents which you can bring along to ensure that you have a smooth appointment.

Income information

  • PAYG Summary
  • Any Centrelink payment information
  • Termination payments (if applicable)
  • Interest that you have earned from any bank accounts
  • Share dividend statements
  • Any tax statements from trusts, investments, and property
  • Income from investment property

Deduction and expense information

  • Work expenses
  • Charity donations over $2
  • Interest and any fees paid for your investment returns
  • Fees for your previous tax return
  • Any income protection insurance that you paid
  • Private health insurance information
  • Extra superannuation contributions
  • HELP outstanding

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